Sunday, 9 November 2008

Once upon a time I had a knitting blog scarfomatic which rapidly became a blog about knitting plus loads of other things unrelated, like events in London, travelling in Europe, and whatever took my fancy. Then, after two years, I suffered blog burn out and bowed out. So why am I starting a new one? Well, this one is shared, so perhaps the work will be halved? Mmmm, though my partner in blog crime (AKA my mother) may take a bit of techie

So, why the change of identity? Ermmm, I don’t knit quite as many scarves as I used to. Smitonius (stolen from my cat, one of her contrived nicknames… it morphed or riffed from 'smitten with a kitten’) is a name I have used online before. Here is the original Smitonius, is she annoyed I nicked her nickname?

So what will I blog about? My new obsession (beads), some knitting, the occasional London event, a bit of travelling… even sometimes travelling in this divine Danbury Suzuki SuperCarry:

And, what will my mother blog about?

When my daughter suggested writing a blog together I was both honoured and appalled (she'd done this before). Whereas I type with one finger, had my first mobile phone conversation a couple of weeks ago (walking down the street! so cool!! ) and spend my spare time making quilts for a small carved doll, I'm not a foodie:

(Last night's supper... and very good it was too!) and I've been knitting the same scarf for the last two years .

I've read other peoples very first blog entries and think Angry Chicken's is the one that fits me best. She said "I'm thinking of this site as part show-and-tell , part personal sketchbook....".

So you'll see what I've seen here in Holland or Belgium lately, whatever I've admired at Dutch Collector's Fairs, whatever I'm sewing or whatever I think you'd like to have a look at without actually having to queue to get on a plane first .

Next time I'll show you the Quilt exhibition just about to open in our local museum... including an 80 foot long quilt made of Kaffe Fassett materials by local quilters to hang from our very own leaning tower!

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