Sunday, 17 April 2016

Not All Birds Tweet ...

I know , I'm a fraud  ... Bloggers are supposed to  blog , aren't they ;  post about things like their garden or knitting , personal journeys , achievements ...  Well , I could tell you about today's soup ; a new recipe from last week's paper :
      (  Frozen spinach , coconut milk and stock , a chili flake or two  . Simmer briefly and blitz . Add  some prawns . )
      but I won't ... I'll just say that replacing the prawns with frozen salmon wasn't a huge success and I won't be making it again . Oh yes , and that a final , rather desperate shake of Fish Sauce won't help . At all .

I could tell you about the library books I'm reading but I won't ... I'll just say that of all the books I've read lately , this is the one I really , really wish I'd written

 I could tell you  about my knitting but we'll draw a veil over that and the less said about any sewing the better ... I'm sort of hoping that the jeans I bought in November still fit me when I finally get round to hemming the second leg ...

 So I'll just show you my African violet which has just woken up again

and a rather fine cocoa goddess from Guatemala who I met in Assen , the other day .

It's just that there's a new bird perching outside my bedroom window this month  and no , he doesn't tweet  ... he wakes up at six every morning and starts bawling  what sounds like 
 " Raviol-i "!!!  , like some demented replacement Muppet chef . So now I'm going to eat a baked apple and lie down with my eyes closed and nod off ...