Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gosh , that was fun ! But let's not do it ever again ...

Sonata :
 Husband and I are moving house . In fact , we've been moving for the last three weeks and , were it not for Friend , we'd never be ready . She's a decorating demon and has tirelessly stripped vile bumpy wallpaper and friezes like technicolor roadkill , replastered and sanded and painted till she dropped .... and mercilessly bullied me into conquering my fear of the steam wallpaper-stripping machine and given master classes on filling holes in walls . And all with great charm .
The new flat , with a view of the river

a lift for Husband's sore knee and wrap-round cosy central heating now also has soft ice cream coloured walls ( not quite as pale as shown here ) and we're packing boxes as fast as we can

So think of us on Saturday, it should be huge fun .... the man moving us has announced that his two young stagaires this year are from a training course for youngsters with ADHD so it won't take long

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sonata : Sorry ! I seem to have stopped blogging altogether but , having lolled about all winter , I just don't seem to have a spare second at the moment . It's only temporary ... normal idleness will resume shortly . At the moment , though , I could do with a PA . Younger Grandson is shaping up nicely and once he's absolutely sure about the difference between the computer mouse and the 'phone
he can come over and be a great help . Though I may have to explain that the house's dress code only allows Casual Friday ... .
the rest of the week trousers are worn .