Friday, 27 June 2014

Plans For The Weekend

Just as I was coming home last Friday evening , I remembered that I hadn't bought any loo paper , so I  swung by the nearest supermarket , grabbed an enormous Economy pack and quickly joined the queue at the till . After I'd paid , the assistant looked slightly concerned but still said the usual cheery ,
 " Have a nice weekend ! " .
I hoisted the 18-roll packet under my arm , thanked her and ran ... thereby confirming everyone's conviction that her sympathy might not be misplaced  , whereas  I'd only been worried that I'd miss the beginning of Celebrity Masterchef  .

But , this weekend ,  I have a definite agenda ; I'm going to Utrecht to get a wooden jigsaw puzzle   
" not too complicated but not too easy " , a three inch high  Batman ,  some vintage Pyrex if I'm lucky , some fabric just the right shade of orange .... or turquoise , and a big bowl of homemade soup from the cafe on the way to the quilting shop , lots of photos of pretty corners ( these are of Den Haag , last week )

 several coffees and some secondhand books .

 I've got Barbara Vine's latest book to read on the train and , as we roll back north over Friesland , I'll be able admire the sunset and to watch the odd hot air balloon floating towards Joure ... I'm looking forward to it .

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Running Wild-ish ....

I'm as lazy as sin and always have been , so retirement sounded ideal . Tailormade , in fact . Days spent lying on the sofa reading , occasionally interupted by meals , with a Day Out now and then for fun . Perfect . 
Of course , it hasn't quite gone according to plan . Husband's Alzheimer's has made us more housebound and Days Out have shrunk to a trip to the shops or a bike ride up the river bank to the nearest field  .

But , thanks to cousins who have whisked him off to his sister's home in France for a month , he's happily sitting in the sun in Provence and I'm able to get away for a while . In a couple of weeks , I'll be going to England to see the older daughters and , until then , I'm rediscovering the world ... I was going to write proper blog entries about everywhere I'm going and everything I've seen . But , as I've said , I'm as lazy as sin . So here are a few of the photos so far ...

An exhibition of weird and wonderful frocks in Groningen .... and something rather more refined in Den Haag

and a couple of pretty corners , here and there...

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tea With The Godwits

Sunday afternoon at the local Natuurmuseum and the last chance to see an exhibition about Gruttos ...  known as Godwits in English  .

 In one corner was a glass case with a slap-up spread fit for a king ... of the waterfowl  sort .

 The best china had been produced and the plates were piled high  .
A little girl going round the exhibition at the same time as me , stared goggle-eyed at the food .  "Mmmm... that looks good ", I said .
Just then her mother came round the corner and called over her shoulder to her husband ,
"Do you want to have tea here , or do you want to go into town ? " .
He didn't get the chance to answer . Their daughter leapt across the room ,
 "Not here . Please not here ! "
 Poor Mrs. Godwit ... she might not be used to picky eaters .