Tuesday, 23 February 2010

And I'll Probably Have A Little Something There Too

Sonata :

Half term and I'm inflicting myself on my two oldest daughters in turn . First to London and Smitonius and her partner , who've risen to the challenge with their usual panache .We've climbed into a black hole at Tate modern , eaten Thai seafood curry at Borough Market and bought venison tortellini .

Admired vintage fashion at a fair in Clerkenwell in the unexpectedly splendiferous Finsbury Town Hall ,

where we saw vintage sunglasses

and vintage dresses

I've been to the Cloth Shop , Anthropologie and Muji and admired Selfridges Alice In Wonderland windows .

And I've eaten blue potato salad and giant prawns .

And today I've wandered about Islington and eaten Spaghetti Al Vonghole at Carluccio's .
Tomorrow I travel north to see a little boy who declares himself to be a very complicated person .... and his simply delightful parents .


Anonymous said...

Was the venison tortellini as yummy as I think it could be? Don't you just LOVE those mannequin heads? I REALLY need one to put my hat on! Your whole trip sounds enviable, just what you need after a long hard winter...Pennyx (Planet Penny)

rachel said...

It's amazing how much one gets done on a short visit to London! And how much money one could blow in Borough Market....

Your trip sounds very enjoyable. It's about time I went down and inflicted myself on the Lovely Son, I think.

Tania said...

It sounds like a Grand Tour!

You just reminded me who much I miss the windows at Selfridges. No one plays with shop windows like they do around here. No one even comes close. Pop by the Harvey Nic's versions for me will you - just on your way to see the complicated kid who is no doubt beside himself waiting to hear his Granny’s amazing adventures (YOU ATE BLUE POTATO SALAD!).

Poshyarns said...

What a lovely London trip, I will be sure to visit the Selfridge windows next time I visit.

Rattling On said...

So, you've not been up to much then!!

Tattie Weasle said...

What a wonderful tour - so gald you went to carluccios one of my favourite places to eat. Hope you have a wonderful time with your complicated friend.
I wonder were the blue potatoes called Victory? My boys just adopre having blue potato mash!

laurie said...

I want that dress. or maybe i just want the window.