Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fishy Business


although the summer is behind us now, and the weather has turned autumnal (though many felt they didn't much have a Summer in UK) I wanted to share some seasonal foody pics. The lighthouse above is on the Isle of Man, which I visited one recent weekend. It was a magical day, as the tail end of the hurricane Irene stole all the clouds away. As I stood on the shore, a seal popped his (or her head) above the waves, looked quizzically at me and then swam away. Although his lunch would not have been served on a plate, mine was

A fitting final fish of the Summer season, which has been full of fishy delights. For instance, one recent weekend, we discovered a fine fish and chip restaurant in the area. It serves oysters too:

And our fishmonger, as we like to think of the fish stall in Broadway market, sold us some nice fish as well, including these delicious Venus clams.

Though that all looks like fine dining, we have also "slummed" it in Folkestone, eating a pint of prawns in the harbour:

I expect some of you may now be hankering after something fishy now? I might have to have a salmon bagel for lunch today or some sushi....


mrs smith said...


Tania said...

A BROODJE HARING. Maybe even two. Eaten standing at the counter of some fishy Dutch market stall. Hold the onions (only cos I know I'd regret them later).

Deborah said...

What on earth is that thing on the plate in picture #1????

Having spent the first 26 years of my life 800 miles from the sea, I cannot fully embrace fishy-ness, although I did have the best fish and chips of my life just last week on the West Coast.
But clearly, you were in your element.

Friko said...

No thanks, no shellfish for me, even looking at a photo makes me queasy.
But I'll have the fried fish, please, except for the mountain of boiled potatoes, that would go down a treat.

Jocelyn said...

Your photos are lovely, but since I'm an avowed Fish Hater (scandale!), I'm glad to leave the actual eating to you.

The IOM is so lovely; I have a good friend who lives there and was lucky enough to attend her wedding some years back...not a dark cloud in the sky.

Marcheline said...

Egads.... food of the gods! Thanks for sharing your delicious vicarious goodness from the sea!

colleen said...

Can't think of anything better than a pint of prawns looking out over the sea. Cockles, maybe.

I bought a crab this week from the Downey Bros (you may know their stall in Globe Town Market) so freshly boiled it was still hot.

The Venus Clams are so, so pretty.