Sunday, 23 October 2011

Olympic Park Tour


Sonata is on a train back to Holland after her visit to London, we managed to pack in quite a few visits, but the best trip was a tour around the London Olympic Park. These tours are free, though there is a three month waiting list, and we had to get up bright and early to get there. Security is tight, and it was like checking on to a plane (off with the belt!), but was it worth it!

The site is in construction but it is now possible to imagine how attractive it is going to be when they finish landscaping it. Some bits are still being built:

Whilst others are already erected, like this one:

The most stunning building has to be the velodrome:

Here is a close up:
When it is all over, it will be a park worth visiting, already the place is teaming with wildlife, we saw lots of birds like a kestrel, and cormorants, coots, ducks, swans... there are a few waterways and something like 30 bridges.

And, today, when I checked the bank account I saw that some money has been debited by the Olympic people so we must have got some tickets for the paralympics (neither of us can remember what on earth we asked for though!).

After such a visit there is only one place to go, over to Fish Island to taste some Forman's Salmon.


rachel said...

You do have the most unusual and interesting family outings!

Friko said...

I know there are many people all fired-up about the Olympics and the wonderful new facilities. I also know it is a great event and preparations are on track and within budget.

And still I can find no great enthusiasm in myself or anyone I actually know round here. I expect London is different.

Perhaps, when the time comes. . . .

Isabelle said...

Hmm, interesting buildings but the trouble is that they're going to do all those boring sports in them...