Friday, 23 December 2011

A Very Merry Christmas ..


I wish you all a very merry Christmas with the people you love , excellent food , the occasional glass of something delicious and lots of good music !

Husband , Youngest Daughter and I will be munching our way through the usual turkey etc. and finishing on a literary note with a stylish Christmas pud. from Waterstone's , the bookshop in Amsterdam . And the Christmas music will be beautifully sung Polish carols from an ancient CD ( Vànocì Koledy ) I found in a junk shop .

The days when we could all be under the same roof for the holidays have passed but , as for so many other families , the phone will bring us all nearer and I , for one , am looking forward to hearing Eldest Grandson's long , rather breathless catalogue of Lego bits received and chocolate buttons eaten and Little Grandson's squawks of protest over the possible tardiness of milk delivery .

This year's Christmas Greetings are brought to you by a 1929 advertisement from a German magazine and might , with luck , mean an end to Bad Hair Days all round . And yes , I got a new plaster cast today and can move my fingers again .... hence the capital letters . Quite the best present so far !


Rattling On said...

It sounds like you'll be having a great time, do you know all the words to the carols??
I'm also fascinated as to why Waterstone's have branched out into groceries, though the coffee shop in the Manchester branch is very jazzy.
Merry Christmas!

Tania said...

Oh goodness. YOIU POOR THING! I couldn't imagine being without CaPiTaL lEtTeRs. So glad you have at least the marmite opening nailed.

Happy Christmas to you both S and S. And to you and yours. Do enjoy the Polish carolling alongside the literary pud.


rachel said...

Oops, a little late to wish you a happy Christmas, so Happy Boxing Day instead. Glad you can type again!

Marcheline said...


P.S. My word verification is "arambone"... which is quite nearly "armbone". Weird, don't you think?

Deborah said...

I came late to your Kindle-or-no-kindle ramble and did so want to tell you how impressed I was that you made such an effort, considering it was all one-handed. And while I'm glad you got a nice Christmas present that frees up your right(?) fingers I did rather enjoy the lowercase you. Now, had that been my first encounter with you, I might have had a different reaction.
But really, I just wanted to wish you an excellent festive season full of song and love and good things to eat.

Liz said...

Pudding from Waterstone's?

I wish you a thoroughly excellent, healthy and bountiful 2012.
Liz and George xx

Jinksy said...

Having taken 'time out' for Christmas, I need that hairdryer to blow the cobwebs off my blogging mind, and to become the New Year Elf you dubbed me! Hehehe! Off to skip in me boots now...