Thursday, 12 January 2012

I Must Be Better ... I'm Bo-oh-red .


According to my mother , who was always right , you were well on the way to recovery once you started to feel fidgety and fretful . So I must be nearly better .... though I've got another week of Plaster of Paris and I still can't go to work ( it's a two-handed occupation , taming toddlers ) , but I'm desperately casting my mind about for one-handed things to do .

The muffins were really quite successful , the 6-Grain flour from the North African shop proving to be delicious . Though it was probably just as well I changed the recipe's 2 cups of bran to 1/2 a cup , human digestive systems being what they are ...

Finally getting to grips with crocheting was the next thing on the list . I had the instructions and a photo tutorial , 1920's style , from a Paton & Baldwin's booklet , so it would be a cinch .

I'd have my very own Granny Squares Afghan any day now .... or not ....

After an hour of re-running YouTube's How To Crochet _ Part 1 : Basics For The ABSOLUTE ( her capitals , not mine ) Beginner , given by a cheery young woman in a wondrous crochet cardi , I had a loop . Flushed with success , I then turned to Attic 24 and her Summer Garden Granny Square tutorial ...... and put wool and hook back in their bag .

It was getting dark and there was still the rest of the list to get through . The novel could wait .... another 64 years , at this rate . So that just left my pepper mill . There is a certain irony in the fact that a device designed to be used with one hand , has to be refilled by someone with two , fairly strong , functioning hands . Luckily , Husband turned up before I'd got too profane .

Anyway , today , had I made a list of things to do , it would have been much shorter . Finish book ( The Night Circus , a Christmas present from Y.D. ) and make 's Potato curry . So I did . They were both excellent !


Fennie said...

Oh the tyranny of the to-do list without which, on the other hand, the world (well my bit of it anyway) would collapse into primaeval chaos again. Twenty-one items is today's count - not all to be done today. Thanks anyway for visiting my blog at Corner Cupboard.

rachel said...

A comforting post to me. Crochet is impossible. I have tried so many times, and failed miserably each time. It's not just the symbols and the terminology, which are tricky enough in themselves, but the sheer fiddliness of it all.

I'm sorry I seem unable to master it though, as I understand that granny squares can be addictive, and I do so fancy a pretty throw that I made myself!

And filling a pepper mill one-handedly? Pfffff....... Easier to wrangle toddlers.

Tania said...

Thank goodness the peppermill is redeemed by the book and a nice curry. Boo to you, you non-one-handed peppermill.

I can't see how anyone could crochet with one hand. I reckon it's all in the way you hold the yarn and that isn't going to work very well with a Plaster of Paris or Anywhere Else.

I shall come for a cup of tea when I am next in the neighbourhood (ahem) and will teach you how to finish my ripple blanket.

Rattling On said...

I have broken both ankles and that was most inconvenient. However, at least I could wield a hairdryer... to be unable to do my hair would be a nightmare for me. I'd have to wear a hat. Or shave my head. I really do look awful if I don't sort it out every day. How shallow is that?

Marcheline said...

I loved Night Circus too! Do stop on over to Erin Morgenstern's blog... she does this little essay every Friday called "Flax-golden Tales" that is an absolute must read. A friend of hers takes photographs, and she writes a ten-sentence story about it, one each Friday.

Also, you thought we'd miss that pun, "casting about"... HA! We did NOT! 8-)

Liz said...

Crochet? Urgh! Never! I remember a phase when I was in school when everyone was crocheting. Except me.

Those muffins sound fascinating though. Where's the photo? Or did they get eaten too quickly?

Friko said...

I expect, by now you have almost reached the end of digital incarceration.
What's the first thing you are going to do? Have a two-handed scratch?

Anonymous said...

'If it's not one thing it's a mother!'. I think you're doing marvelous btw ♥