Sunday, 29 April 2012


It's the May holidays , and the schools are closed for a week .

So I've stocked the pantry ( don't go to the market when you're hungry . What else can I chop parsley over ? ) . I've downloaded a new audio book ( Steff Penney's The Invisible Ones ) and got a copy of War and Cinema , The Logistics of Perception by Paul Virilio in case my brain turns to mush before I go back to work , sewing stuff is spreading like spilt syrup over every flat surface and I'm making a dog ( no walkies needed )

I've rediscovered a CD of John Betjeman reading his poems in a wonderfully diffident voice , a real blast from the past , this , and there's a Day Out in Leiden planned with friends . So now I'm going to put my feet up and relax .

P.S. I haven't forgotten 's request for a translation of the vegetables in coconut milk recipe but I need to get the definitive list of ingredients from a colleague's DIL , who's yomping round Scotland at the moment . I'll post it when she's back and has thawed out .

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Deborah said...

It sounds like a delicious week! The book title is intriguing - not a fluffy read, I'll bet.