Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Culture Vulture

Sonata :
Actually , it would probably have been quicker if I had been a vulture since the trip involved around six hours on trains and an hour on buses , but it was well worth it .
I'd seen that there was an exhibition of late 19th/early20th century posters in a small Lithography museum near Eindhoven so took some sandwiches and a good book and set off . And I'm very glad I did ... though half way there , when it started to snow , I did wonder whether I'd get back .
As well as the posters , they have the limestone blocks and printing machines , a couple of fascinating short films and a lovely selection of items made using chromolithography . There were soap and chocolate wrappers , cigar bands , maps , book covers and puzzles but no holy pictures , despite having a  few printing blocks  

but then , perhaps collectors like me have got them all .
I can't show you most of the posters , since they were behind glass that fiercely reflected every light however dim  and made photograpy difficult ... though the reflection did amuse me on this one

All those who find the feeble light cast by the new "green " light bulbs irritating might agree  ! and the Mucha of Sarah Bernhard was striking .

As I was leaving , the rather elderly volunteer who was on duty asked if I'd mind filling in their survey to say how I'd found it all  . When I handed it back , he glanced at it and seeing that I'd ticked the 65+ box for age , he exclaimed "Surely not ! " . So I'm inclined to recommend the place ... and it's staff ... highly !  
Not so Eindhoven , I'm afraid , it's very modern and bleak and rather windswept . Though , if you're passing , do try to pop into the Heuvel Galerie shopping mall . There's a lovely Carla Rutgers statue paddling in the fountain .


Molly said...

Oh. and here I was, thinking that was you, cooling off after your exhausting trek around the museum!

Rattling On said...

Looks like a fab exhibition, I'm a big fan of that era. Well, the past in general to be honest.
I detest eco bulbs, but you can't get the real deal now. May as well go for candles, at least they add atmosphere rather than rob it.

Marcheline said...

First time through, I thought it said "steeldrunkmuseum"... shows where my head is at! 8-)

Fran said...

I'll go anywhere if people on the door are going to say how young I look. Where is this place again?

rachel said...

What a grand day out! Did you paddle too?

love those cupcakes said...

What a great day. I love posters. And compliments!

Ginnie said...

I love the artwork of that era! Our TV series Antiques Roadshow (after the British version) sometimes has early 1900 posters, and it's always fun to see them.
I agree with you about the look of Eindhoven - Gerrit lived there the last couple of years he was in Holland, and it didn't have the warmth and character of most of the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

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