Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What Have We Here ?

At the moment , I seem to have lost control of this blog . The inclusion of photos is purely random and exclusively Blogger's , though the photos themselves are mine . So all I can do , it seems is throw a selection in the air and add a few words to whatever appears . 
Anyway , first you have the ingredients of my new love , the Do-It-Yourself Muesli from Mimi Spencer's Fast Diet recipe book . It could be more accurately named The Most Expensive Muesli In The World , I must add ... but it's delicious  , and , since you just add what you actually like , needn't contain anything unappetising . I've added chia seeds because I had them and left out pumpkin seeds because I didn't ... and am delighted with the result . I'm not too convinced , though , of its place in a diet book . Far too decadent ! As are her chicken meatballs or Romano peppers ...
And next , we seem to have a collage of two photos , one taken in Amsterdam's Jordaan district and the other in London's Westfield Center .  So readers ... which shoes are you likely to totter out of the shop wearing and which would you be eating ? 
( And now , with a devil-may-care flourish , I'm going to press Publish and see if any photos actually appear at all . If , in fact , you're now looking at photos of tomatoes and of Harry Selfridge reconstucted in Jelly Beans , I apologise . )



Friko said...

Ordinary bought Muesli is like doing penance for lent. I have been making my own, equally decadent, variety for ever. It’s a case of hunt the oats in the delicious mix of nuts and seeds and dried fruit in my morning bowl.

I would definitely prefer to eat the Amsterdam shoes than wear (wear?) the London ones. And again, wear? Is that what you do with such monstrosities?

Congratulations! You’ve licked Blogger! Well, this time, anyway.

rachel said...

Alas, it's all sensible shoes for me..... killer heels round here would have me committed.....

And alas too for the muesli, home made or otherwise; quickest route to a chipped tooth/cracked filling these days.

I am getting old, I guess!

Lucille said...

I keep my sunflower seeds in exactly the same jar!