Friday, 21 February 2014

Everything From Tattoos To Mice

Luckily , apart from wall to wall Winter Sports ... Clare Balding seems to have moved into our sitting room , together with her trolley ... this week has had a few other diversions .

 Behind the church , I discovered a Tattoo supplies wholesaler  and a rather splendid new graffiti . The Rumanian accordeonist outside the health shop has learnt a new tune  and there's a new Japanese supermarket nearby with deep frozen Swimming Crabs , in case I ever need them .
 A quick trip to Amsterdam for lunch and a wander around Albert Cuypstraat's market was very cheering .... I'm really looking forward to seeing someone carrying one of these bags over one shoulder this spring

 and Disney-esque bluebirds being worn ( you'll find the tattoed lady's on her shoulder ) . Though the restaurant was so full I ended up at a table tucked under the stairs , the company was pleasant ,

 and lunch delicious .
 And , in a strange shop a bit further up the street , I found just the knife I've been hunting for ; devilishly sharp German steel , perfect for peeling potatoes ... and only a couple of Euros , so I bought two  . Since the shop also stocked herbs and spices , a huge supply of fruit and herbal teas , old-fashioned sweets with names like Polkabrokken ( caramel cushions to chew or to melt in hot milk as a bedtime drink ) and Hete Bliksem ( Hot Lightening ) , sage-flavoured cough drops , an enormous range of whisks , garlic presses , cheese slicers , incense and brushes and , they boast  , "592 other things "  , I was there a while .
 Oh , and the mice ?  Well , I met YD later for a drink before I got the train back  and as we sat in the covered terrace with some wine , we were startled to find a tiny brown mouse popping in and out between the tables . When a couple of women sitting at a table further up  squeaked and fled  , we realised that our mouse must have brought his mates with him ... a  party , perhaps ... but there seemed to be enough room for everybody , so we finished our drinks in peace before we left .
Back at home , when not waving the flag for yet another Dutch skating medal ( we won't be asked next time , I fear ! ) .... I've been reading Rosie Tremain's Music And Silence ... and loving it .
 But it's just as well Sochi ends this week . It's about time I got off my behind and stretched .....


Friko said...

Amazing, those Dutch thighs.

Why can’t we have Amsterdam type shops over here? You wouldn’t be able to prise me off for hours.

A glass of wine with a free floor show thrown in? Delightful.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I love Music and Silence! I am saving up the new one, Merivel I think from memory, for my holiday next week!

Marcheline said...

Will have to check out Music and Silence now.

As for tattoos, I gave my husband a tattoo for Christmas one year, and it was of the character in the statue on the right in your picture there!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Cobwebbed elbows ?

Liz Hinds said...

You do have the funnest times! I think there's a shop like that in Tiverton, one of those old-fashioned shops that sells everything. Whatever you want you'll find it there. Did you have a bluebird tattooed and if so, where?

Jocelyn said...

I'd have been squealing and leaving, so you're made of sterner mouse stuff than I.

Thanks for the mini-trip; I was read to get away from snowbound Minnesota for a few minutes!