Saturday, 17 May 2014

I'm Not Lost After All !

I don't know what happened . There I was wandering along blogging now and then , when the fancy took me ... and , all of a sudden I wasn't . I mean , as Smitonius reported , I was still wandering along ...  I just couldn't access the blog's dashboard and write about any of it  .

 I was still  Keeping Fit . I staggered into the supermarket on the way home from the class last week and the young shelf-filler , rather concerned  , asked if I was alright .
' It's fine , ' I gasped , ' I've just been to the gym ' .
And I'm quite enjoying it , actually . The physiotherapist is a great believer in Mind Over Matter and she's almost convinced me . I only faltered when she told us to find our inner belly dancer ....

Going to the summer fabric fair , admiring the new season's designs and and wondering where I'd wear this Nightwatch dress to

 ... not the Rijks Museum , anyway .  Sewing little squares and planning  to sew these new fat quarters into Log Cabins .

Cycling past the City Farm , checking the progress of turkeys , hens, swans , goslings and ducklings and the new baby black and white goat whose bleats always seem to end in a question mark  .

Watching Masterchef ( and now delighted that Ping won ) and buying old cookery books whenever I see them ... my current favourite is "At Blanchard's Table", written by Melinda Blanchard and her husband Robert who have a restaurant in Anguilla . I seem to have become addicted to their Grilled Portobello Mushrooms , stacked with spinach and shaved Parmesan . ( They taste better upright , I think you'll find )

And searching for the key to open our blog ... which lay under my nose , all the time . that little blue thing like a Gruffalo's teeth in between the padlock and the refresh buttons at the top of the browser .


rachel said...

Glad you're back! Now, is it just me, or is cooked spinach far more interesting than uncooked?

Liz Hinds said...

So glad you found your way back!

That mushroom looks nice.

I need to find my inner belly.

Lucille said...

I'm so glad you found the Gruffalo's tooth.

Friko said...

I’ve found my outer belly, is that any good?

Reading cookery books and watching cookery shows get into the way of cooking, I find. I could never pull off the fancy dishes books and shows demonstrate, so I don’t try.

But I do cook, hence the belly.

Good to know you’ve managed to retrace your steps to blogland.

love those cupcakes said...

There you are! Welcome back and thanks for filling in the gaps (though you didn't say if you found her, your inner belly dancer).

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

My inner belly dancer is being kept firmly in her place by the size of my outer belly. Good to see you back!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here ... that dress is amazing!

Like Liz my inner belly is well hidden by my outer belly ;)