Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Three Kims And Curry Sauce

I didn't just venture forth this week . I sallied ! All the way to Assen , about another fifteen minutes on the train . It also has a nice museum and there was an exhibition I didn't want to miss . I have a weakness for propaganda posters ... the more uplifting the better . And there's no doubt about it  , The Kim Utopia was full of pictures of Paradise .

North Korea is officially the Land of Milk and Honey


  ... or rather of polished ostrich eggs , noodles and expertly sliced vegetables .  

Everybody is young and heartbreakingly pretty and brave ... and wearing a uniform .
Everybody laughed  , everyone's hair was lightly tossed , everyone's eyes were raised to an ever more glorious future . Any unpleasantness from The Enemy was faced with resolute nobility .
 It was all perfectly splendid !

I was reluctant to leave but very hungry so wandered up into town and found a cafe that could have been a model for Kim's official artists .
De Brink had comfy sofas and excellent coffee and two kinds of toasted sandwiches ... ham and cheese or "would you prefer one with our own goat's cheese ?" . Of course  . And it was , indeed , delicious . The owner then bustled over to offer more coffee and ask if I'd like some ketchup with my 'tosti' .... or mayonnaise ? ... or curry sauce ? before rushing out to the back to drill a few more holes in the wall .
He seemed to be barista , chef and handyman and partner of the pink haired young woman who ran the adjoining hair salon . He supplied endless coffees for her clients as well . Altogether I felt that Kim would be proud to welcome them onto his team .
A bit of window shopping and then I headed home , determined to go back in September when there's a new exhibition . The Glasgow Boys .


Annie Cholewa said...

What a fabulous exhibition, brought alive by your commentary. As, less fortunately, was the thought of goats cheese with curry sauce ... what?!

Friko said...

Glasgow won’t be half as uplifting as KIM’s paradise.
All those fried Mars bars spoil one’s looks so, don’t you know.

As for the service in the caff, goodness me, if this happened in Glasgow (or anywhere else in the UK) they’d all come and want some.

love those cupcakes said...

How fascinatingly rose-tinted! Were you not tempted to go down the rose-tinted hair route and pop next door after your sarnie?

Liz Hinds said...

How simply spiffing! (Would make good jigsaws too.)

I want to wander around your lovely little towns with you and drink tea (?) and discover delights.

rachel said...

Fabulous exhibition! The Glasgow Boys should be good too, if less uplifting than Kim's.

Marcheline said...