Friday, 31 March 2017

Serves Me Right , I Fear ...

Train travel must be familiar enough not to need a special section in etiquette guides , surely ? You know , the usual things ; give up your seat to the obviously pregnant or ancient , don't use your 'phone in the Silent carriages , take your crap home with you  ... that sort of thing . Dutch trains have screens in every compartment with travel information and little timely reminders about responsible behaviour .

The young chap taking up a double seat the other day can't have read them lately .
"Is this seat free ?" I ask idiotically , gesturing to the overnight bag , laptop case , sandwich box , anorak and cuddly blanket piled up next to him . He sighed theatrically , put the film on Pause and said ,
 "I can make room for you " whereupon everyone nearby swivelled round to see just how much room I 'd need ....

 So it goes without saying that I'll not be rushing to the local beauty salon that's advertising their grand reopening tonight with a Pampering Evening with Bubbles and Bites .
 Probably not for the likes of me ... might be a nibble too far


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I never hesitate to get some brat to move his crap from the adjoining seat so I can sit down. In fact, I relish how much it bugs them, the little bastards.

colleen said...

Thank goodness Debra's comment made me laugh because I was livid on your behalf at the cheeky pup.

I'd go for the bubbles at least if I were you.

Happy weekend,

Liz Hinds said...

Don't they make you cross?!