Monday, 15 October 2018

Frogs And Suchlike

The 'fridge echoes. I've hunted the cupboard shelves. Quinoa (Heavens, how old is it?), a half full, plastic container with a hand-printed label saying "VERY  wholemeal flour" which I remember made some depressingly healthy buns and some elderly raisins. A tin of sardines in water, but I'm not quite  that hungry. Oh, I have found a small tin of sweet corn … is that nice on toast?

Perhaps not. And a pot of Marmite dated January 2003, does everybody British have one of these ? Trouble is, I don't like tinned food so I rarely buy it except for tomatoes which I then keep for an emergency, but I've even eaten those. And all the pasta .  Since I have now dared to get back on the bike again, I'd better find a couple of shoes that match and go to the shops.

  All I really want is some grapefruit juice now I can't, of course, but a bag of mandarins do. Three pots of cottage cheese and a pork chop. Peanut butter, some smoked mackerel and sweet peppers. Meuslibollen ( yes, they really do have meusli in them and they're lovely with cheese in ). And some more tinned tomatoes for the next emergency.

The reason for the food shortage is Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behaviour. Thoroughly enthralling and the reason why I've been glued to my sofa. But I have been doing a jigsaw, too. A recycling shop challenge which might or might not be complete, though since it only cost 25 cents it probably isn't. The edge pieces are all there anyway and hundreds of frogs.

(Sorry, I've resorted to the manufacturers online catalogue photo  since posting my own photos has become very hit and miss.) And I'd like to post this before 2019.
P.S. I've finally finished the puzzle and it was complete !


Joanne Noragon said...

My fridge echoes--it's not large, but too large for two of us to keep comfortably full.
Good that you heeded the grapefruit warning. I find them highly overrated, in any case.
And, what are frogs? Your pet family name for puzzle pieces?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I love pink grapefruit, and of course, now they're banned they're twice as nice.
No, Gorey's filled the sketch with frogs; they're on the cupboards, carvings , wallpaper and china. I won't tell you what I've called the odd puzzle piece this weekend

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly, Barbara Kingsolver has a lot to answer for. And I must say that you're brave to buy a thrift store jigsaw puzzle. It's like playing Russian Roulette, although admittedly rather less lethal.

Liz Hinds said...

Daughter grumbled at me when I gave GrandDaughter marmite that was just a few years out of date ...

I buy lots of charity shop jigsaws and they're usually all there. That one looks rather hard though.

rachel said...

I think Marmite is everlasting. Unlike peanut butter, although that never lasts long enough in this house to go rancid. Your rather odd jigsaw is lovely, and now I want a jigsaw afternoon..... Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible? Another great read.

Lucille said...

I have just binned a fire extinguisher that said discard by 2002. I'm not sure what happenes to the contents but it was annoying me. So as long as I don't start deep frying we should be OK.