Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Soft Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sonata :

I see that Wee Wonderfuls has blogged about her child-friendly Christmas tree, which she's decorated with all sorts of lovely soft ornaments. One is a tiny quilt. By coincidence, I've made a few sets of patchwork Christmas tree ornaments too, some of which are on sale in our Etsy shop. I'm delighted that, for once, I'm so up to the minute !!

They were fun to make, as was a Christmas wreath, which I made for annabie as part of Clasheen's Christmas ornament swap . I always love swaps and this time I got a beautiful felt and bead ornament from annabie of Anna's Painting as well as some pretty handmade cards. It's always wonderful to get treats in the post!

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JaneLock said...

Happy birthday for Saturday! Keep up the good blogging/beading/buttoning! x