Saturday, 27 December 2008

A blue Christmas


No, I am not one of the monkey's in my mother's kitchen this year, as decided to pop over to Holland at Easter instead. The cat is happy, not only are her humans in residence but they are doing a little housework for a change.

No full blown Chrsitmas decorations this year, but the odd little seasonal touch - the bunch of tulips the cat is admiring (or planning to destroy? Who knows what her inscrutable expression really means?) and these swirling angels above a flaming candle.

Some crafting is taking place, amid all the housework being done (well, there is a serious amount of decluttering to do before February around here, as the Study will be painted then... and it is full of STUFF. I won't upset your eyes by showing you the disaster area today). A necklace will be made with this pretty blue Howelite pendant stone, Antique button and glass beads, and - to keep the theme blue - a hat will be knitted in blue mohair (from 21st Century Yarns, perhaps the 'pacific' colourway) and Tussah silk (Nature's Palette Rustic Silk in 'Seascape').

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