Monday, 9 March 2009

Projects ....mine and others .

Sonata :
Last weekend I found an old and very tatty folder in a jumble sale for 25 cents and thought it would be fun to rummage through . Someone had collected a few embroidery charts from magazines. Mostly cross stitch and tapestry flowers , drawn-thread tray cloths and satin stitch pansies but this sat between all the cuttings . It has obviously been used .Finally it dawned on me . Mv. Dijkstra had used it to transfer the design onto an oval tray and then painted it . I'd love to have seen it . It must have been lovely!
This , sadly , had no chart included . Mind you , my embroidery skills aren't really up to it , but I'd love to try , at least . It seems that you must first embroider the country scene onto blue linen , then applique this onto a larger piece of natural linen and , lastly embroider the Art Nouveau "frame "over it . Talk about brave !!

And talking about brave , I'm making a big piece of patchwork which I then plan to chop up to make something non-quilt-like!! Should work ....I'll let you know .

And finally , isn't this pretty? A very tiny button ....I have no idea how old he is or where I found it . It's a keeper .Shame on me ... I'm too mean to hand it on !


Redwoodhouse said...

.....what a fabulous find the embroidery is beautiful. The little button is so cute and yes that would be a keeper for me too.

Eva said...

how lucky you are to find such a treasure. old, used things have a life, a soul breathing out of them. i imagine they were loved once, and then carelessly put away in some old corner, just waiting for you to find them and love them again.

first i thought the button was a little chocolate easter egg, it looks so delicate and hand made.

anitaDK said...

Hi there - Anita in Denmark here. Just happened to pass your blog AND I have the book with the drawing for the Art Nuveaux picture.
It is from a danish book - you can contact me at my google account