Friday, 27 March 2009

A wander around and some weekend shopping

Sonata :
A quick trip to Groningen this afternoon ...... it's an excellent place to mooch around and only a little over half an hour away by train . Lots of lovely little shops like this one with a mix of wooden toys and vintage china . Dutch shops cheerfully giftwrap the tiniest purchase and do it so beautifully that present buying is a pleasure Plenty of desirable kitchen things in here , ranging from little wooden whisks to French cast iron pans and designer coffee machines .Then a stroll through the Hortusbuurt to a charity shop , where sometimes I find a treasure , sometimes not Back to the center , admiring front doors , wondering what it would be like to live there Then the Friday market for beautiful fresh fish , spices and a chunk of pumpkin to roast with olive oil , rosemary and coarse sea salt ( thankyou Rudo and Anja for the recipe , it's delicious ! ) . Laden like a pack mule , I then hike back to the train , where I've got enough time to read a few more chapters of my book and eat a handful of freshly roasted salted almonds . And home .

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