Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mild Moment Of Panic

Sonata :
A quick peek outside the door this morning , followed by a moment of panic .

Then pre-coffee brain remembered that we don't have two cats and , even when we did , we never put them out for the night .
But my winter pansy window box might want to come in to sit next to my mutant hyacinths .

Snow is now at 20 inches and growing .


Anonymous said...

What beautiful sights you've produced for us. The only thing that could enhance would be the scents and sounds too. I'm almost coming over Christmassy now! I'm glad for you both that you got to be together for some quality time, and just before all that snow. XX

Tania said...

W-OW! Pleased to hear about the non-cat thing too.

Hey, I have a small something for you both – could you let me know where I should postally aim it? Email is

rachel said...

20 inches! I shall stop marvelling at our single inch - although that inch sits on top of some lethal lumpy ice that whispers slip-fall-crack-hospital-for-Christmas.

(When did I stop seeing snow and ice as playgrounds and start thinking catastrophe? Perhaps I should go out sledging instead of muttering about the cold in this house...)

GUGAW said...

20 inches! wowsers. stay snug and warm x

laurie said...

twenty inches, really? that's an impressive storm. we have about seven inches on the ground, i think. got another inch or so overnight.