Thursday, 11 March 2010

Cut Price Gardener's World

Sonata :
Lots of bloggers are posting photos of the signs of the end of winter in their gardens but Spring moves north at 15 miles a day apparently and it definitely hasn't reached here yet .There's only so much a fake tulip can do for one

so to cheer myself up I went to the garden centre to admire serried ranks of pansies . They're Reduced this week but none were being bought yet . It's much too cold to plant them out .... it was minus 5 a couple of nights ago

But all that colour was reviving !
I then cruised through the gardening equipment ( since when was the lawn clippings bit at the back an optional 45 Euro extra on a lawnmower ? ) .Then to Gardeners accoutrements .... vaguely Cath Kidston trowels and Gardeners apparel ... vaguely Cath Kidston gloves and wellies . A quick whizz round the tanks of fish and cat toys , a nod to the gnomes

and a goggle at the banks of silk ( nylon ? ) flowers for those who can't wait .

And home , clutching my only purchase

And , by the way , when you get home , frozen solid and famished , it's handy to have a pot of mixed olives and artichoke hearts marinaded in chili oil in the cupboard . Throw some in a pan with a courgette , garlic , onion and a tin of chopped tomatoes and bubble down while you cook pasta . It would wake the dead .


Rattling On said...

Know what you mean! Spring is hard to find around here as well. Still have snow on the hills and the pond is frozen. I do have snowdrops and crocuses (croci??) in the front garden though.
Having said all that, we only have about a week of good weather in any average summer anyway!!

Molly said...

Seems like everyone who's just emerging from winter has had it up to the eyeballs this year. Bring on those flowers and spring veggies!

rachel said...

It will come, it will come! All those snails that have emerged and are waiting in my garden tell me so.

jinksy said...

Thank goodness Blogland Blooms are always available - regardless of season or place - only mouse clicking required to savour their flavour...

Friko said...

I am planning a day in the garden tomorrow; the weatherman says it'll be slightly warmer and gardener (handyman) is coming.
That recipe sounds good, I am going to try it. I have jars of olives, artichoke hearts, sweet peppers and courgettes in the larder, I' ve only eaten them cold up to now, but heated up they're probably even better. Thanks for the idea.

Martha said... I am longing for pansies...
And hungry!

Anonymous said...

That little recipe sounds fabulous, and I haven't even had my Rice Krispies yet!

Liz said...

Daffs are still to bloom here. they're very late.

Imitation flowers are so improved over the plastic ones given away with Persil!