Sunday, 18 July 2010

Summertime.... on hols (sort of)


I should have put a (clothes) wash on, I should have done a bit of ironing, and I should have packed... but instead I spent the morning loading my music onto my new ipod nano (I didn't go into the Apple store to buy one, I actually went in to check the iphones... decided against one, but did not walk out empty handed: new headphones and a new ipod. Truth be told, I actually really need a pair of Summer shoes).

Why pack? I am off to Madrid tomorrow - research. But as the fishmonger in the market said this morning: I would feel sorry for you, but you will have to eat all that nice Spanish food. I know, it is tough. And so, having bought fish, what did I do? I was enticed into a local restaurant that was doing a one-off special menu: roast pig Sardinian style. Divine, but then, who can concentrate after such a lunch on a beautiful sunny afternoon? Not I, so I sit in the garden listening to the hose water the garden for me - sisss sisss sisss

So, whilst I sometimes worry about work and the future (Higher education is in flux and my role has been 'redefined' somewhat in the last couple of months), I don't think I can complain today of all days. Though, heck, I will have to get up early to iron whatever I can find, pack in the dark, spend far too long in transit... before I sit in a plaza somewhere in Madrid in the evening sun with a beer to prepare for the library on Tuesday.

PS: Sonata is off on hols.... visiting a small nephew in Leicester before arriving here... we will find ways of posting! In the meantime, enjoy Summer!


rachel said...

I would feel sorry for you too, but somehow I just can't..... Strange, isn't it!

Have a lovely time. Buy shoes in Spain. Don't feel sorry for us.....

Martha said...

Have a wonderful, and (dare I say it) productive time!
I'm sure they sell wonderful shoes in Madrid...It can be considered part of your *research*

Queenmothermamaw said...

Oh dear girl enjoy with gusto. I have a little gift for you on Monday's post. It is up already. Please accept with my admiration.

Rattling On said...

It's a hard life...I always do the ironing very early in the morning, I don't resent it as much then for some strange reason.
No need for a hose here. Rain for well over a week, and more as I write. And they call this summer.

Tania said...

You give procrastination (and diversion) a whole new name. As a fellow procrastinator (growing worser-er by the day), I salute you.

Friko said...

Yes, it is a hard life for some.
My heart bleeds for you.

mrs smith said...

I like your style, sister! Enjoy the distractions in Madtid. I imagine they are beautiful and plentiful.