Sunday, 12 December 2010

In House Memo

The Leeuwarden branch of Smitonius and Sonata would like to wish our London correspondent

Many Happy Returns for tomorrow . We've had a whip round and , given that the local postal service is on strike , a bag of salty licorice will be sent to her by carrier pigeon .


Friko said...

'salty' liquorice? does it come with pints of water to quench the resulting thirst?

Happy birthday to the London branch.

rachel said...

Happy Birthday, London Correspondent!

Rattling On said...

Yes, Happy Birthday! The liquorice sounds a very personal present.
When I had my first daughter my Mother came to visit with an enormous bag of cherry lips (my faves) along with a teddy and flowers!

Tania said...

Happy birthday Smitonius. Yum to salty licorice. Especially the softer specie.

Mountain Thyme said...

Happy Birthday to Smitonius.

Is she getting her front teeth for Christmas? Just kidding.