Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year Resolutions Of The Achievable Variety

Having learnt from past experience , I'm not aiming too high this year . I've settled on three , at least two of which seem do-able .

1. Always eat off a pretty plate .
Grabbing a sandwich at work is uncommonly dreary , no matter how many carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes one tries to gussy it up with . But on an Art Deco plate , even cottage cheese looks cheerier
2. Exercise more .

I thought maybe we'd draw a veil over the Hips firm bit

and concentrate on the Raising arms sideways and Arms bent bits . Eminently do-able surely , with a bit of practice .

But now we get to the challenge .

3. Buy a dress .
I can't spend the rest of my life in jeans or the standard black trousers for best .
Actually , thinking about it , the last dress I bought for me may well have been on the same shopping trip that netted this little number for Barbie ..... mid-'90s , then .

Oh yes , And WEAR it .

Meanwhile last year's resolutions met with a varying degree of success . I did , for instance learn how to make a link .... and at least half of the ones I now post work !

So may we wish you a very happy , healthy and prosperous New Year and , whether you've made resolutions or not , every success in whatever you attempt , big or small .


elizabethm said...

I am very taken by the idea of the pretty plate. That is the kind of resolution I might just about manage! happy new year!

Tania said...

Pretty plates and arm liftings sound like admirable aims for a new year. But dresses? Meh. They always seem to require an iron. I couldn't think of a resolution less likely to succeed than one involving the use of an iron.

(happiest of new years to you).

English Rider said...

I like dresses. I rarely have occasion to wear one but they make you feel special. Happy New Year to you.

lovethosecupcakes said...

A happy and healthy 2011 to you.
Will be interested to read about your progress with the New Year's resolutions. Especially number 3.

Rattling On said...

Happy New Year!
Good luck with the resolutions, I also like NO1. Can't join you in the dress department, though. I have a long back and very wide shoulders so dresses never fit. The only ones that ever have were the 2 brides maid's and 1 wedding dress that were made to measure...

Monica said...

oh yes, dresses... you know... they are VERY comfortable... you'll love them!

happy new year to you and yours!!

Fran said...

No way. Cottage cheese belongs in the bin, not on a plate. You can't spoil a lovely plate with that guff.

rachel said...

Is that all you need to do to exercise? well, maybe I should try it; I thought it'd be much more strenuous than that!

Friko said...

Buy a dress?
Try a skirt to start off with, you won't wear that either.
But it'll be cheaper and less guilt-inducing when you send it to the charity shop in a year or so.

Bin there, dun that, never no more will do it.

Happy New Year, both of you + the appendages.

Marcheline said...

Happy New Year!!!!

Deborah said...

At first I thought 'What a reasonable woman, she is, making small-dose resolutions like that.' Then I came to number 3! I cannot imagine anything more difficult. You will let us know if you're successful, won't you? And not with a picture of an EMPTY dress, either?!

Duyvken said...

All worthy resolutions my dears!

capello said...

pretty plates are the best. but dresses? i want to like them. but just don't.

Planet Penny said...

Yes, the pretty plate does it for me, then I don't have to feel guilty about what I'm eating off it. Well, I'll try. I had an extremely pretty plate plus cup and saucer for Christmas and I think it will be the place setting of the moment to cheer me up now the Christmas tree has gone!
Happy New Year to you both!
lots of love Penny and Higgins xxx

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You've given me a wonderful idea - resolving to buy and wear a dress, rather than merely bemoaning the fact that I have lived in jeans since they were called "dungarees." Oh, and this year I really must find someone to cut my hair as I'm tired of resembling a relic from the 60's.

A very happy New Year to you!

Liz said...

I like the pretty plate one best!

We want to see a photo of you in dress!

Lucille said...

A pretty plate a size smaller than my usual one perhaps? Then the plate will look full with less food. I am the world's greatest finisher upper.