Friday, 22 July 2011

Madrid again


That time of year again, when a quick trip to Madrid is needed: officially to visit library and buy books and DVDs (work related I hasten to add), but the library now closes at 6 in the hot afternoon so plenty of time to window shop. I think these sandals would go with a toga?

And, if one needed to make lots of classic references, how about This accessory? Worthy of any MadrileƱan Minerva out on the town.

Of course, eating also had to be done... And this Salpicon de Mariscos was so tasty !

We admired amazing street art, like this Monroe:

And this Mexican masked fighter:

Whilst we were there, the Murdoch scandal was in full flow, so couldn't resist this postcard: doesn't she look a little a certain person who recently resigned at News International?


JaneLock said...

The portrait of Rebecca Brooks is uncanny, if a little over-the-top.
Only been to Madrid once, but I fell in love with the city

English Rider said...

Shoes are an international language! (They spoke to me).

Friko said...

Having to go to Madrid to visit the library and buy books and DVDs ? A likely story!

You poor thing.

Deborah said...

This is what's been missing from my dreary life - regular trips to Madrid. Why did it not occur to me sooner?

Marcheline said...

Still processing the beauty of the phrase "a quick trip to Madrid". Pondering what it would feel like to actually say that, in relation to my own existence.

"A quick trip to Madrid...." - how it flows across the tongue.

Molly said...

All in the name of work? I want your job!! So nice to get a vicarious look at a vibrant European city, being as we are, stuck here in the sticks!

Loz and Dinny said...

I feel it is the time of year where a trip to Madrid may be what I need ... but alas ... thanks for the vicarious travel option - I am now very hungry.