Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jubilee Day Looms . Cake Required .

Memo to self .... Find recipe for photogenic chocolate cake asap , present recipe ( below ) providing delicious but weirdly squidgy slices .

Not that Husband's complaining . But then his appetite for sweet things is legendary . We all sat fascinated one evening as he consumed an entire family-size container of chocolate chip ice cream , while telling stories about playing jazz in a youth festival in Moscow in the '50s .

__Chocolate Cake Recipe , origin unknown __

100 grams butter

80 grams sugar

100 grams plain flour

30 grams cornflour

1 tsp baking powder

100 gram bar of plain chocolate

2 eggs , separated .

Cream butter and sugar . Add egg yolks and flours alternately ( having already seived flours and baking powder together ) Add grated chocolate . Finally fold in stiffly beaten egg whites . Put in greased and floured loaf tin . Bake in hottest oven for 12 minutes . Rest before taking out of tin .

Or I'll have to revert to plan B . A large muffin decorated with a Union Jack ( I've already made some just in case ... and yes , Husband's eaten some of these , too . He'll only turn down a muffin if you tell him it's a muffin .... if you call it a cake , he'll eat two ) .)


Rattling On said...

I think I may have taken a different angle with my idea...chocolate cake may have been a better, and wiser, option. But I have been having fun! Looking forward to seeing yours. I think it's only a muffin if you use oil/melted butter and the all-in-one method. And that of course in the American muffin as opposed to our funny flat thing... they all taste good!!

Mise said...

I do like these simple, short recipes: you can tell they are tried and trusted when all the unnecessary fussing has been cut out.

Friko said...

That seems to be the sort of cake that even a non-baking idiot like me could produce. I'll have to have a go.

Liz said...

One should always rest before doing anything strenuous. Like spelling strenuous.