Thursday, 24 May 2012

Knee Deep In Possible Cakes

On June 2nd , Rattling On is staging a Jubilee Cake Event on her blog .... the idea being that those interested bake a stunningly decorated cake for the Queen's Jubilee and post a photo or two of the result , which she will then link . A sort of virtual street party .
Now , why I put my hand up for this I couldn't begin to tell you . I very rarely bake a cake and , when I do , it's something fairly basic and hearty like a fruit loaf or bran muffins ( and my scones aren't bad ) . And cake decoration is a totally foreign and arcane idea ..... I've never piped icing in my life and don't think now is the time to start .
But I love the idea of everyone , as one , going "Ta-Dah!!" and whipping the cover off their signature cake . So I've been trawling the web for cake recipes .... exactly how many million do you think there are out there ? I did eventually find an elegant choco-strawberry creation and it looks suitably regal ... not to mention lethal . ( Have I told you I'm a diabetic ? )

Then there are cookery books scattered all over this house full of baked goods . A fair few are from the '50s to the '70s and have suitably nostalgic offerings . Though I'm not sure if H.M. is ready for Grasshopper Cheesecake , a sort of After Eight-ish affair flavoured with creme de menthe on a chocolate biscuit crumb base ... let alone Amaising (sic) Raisin Cake which seems to contain mayonnaise ( instead of butter? ) . So I'll put "Collections From Naples On The Gulf To You " back on the shelf .
Then there's the WI Recipes Round The Year with a very tempting Blodwen's Canal Cake ( lots of dried fruit and a quarter of a pint of stout . Husband would definitely like this ) and Rhubarb Streusel Cake and Ginger Marmalade Cake ( first make your Ginger Marmalade ) and ... But no real party cakes .
There's The Scots Kitchen by F. Marian McNeill which has Scot's Snow Cake which sounds wholesome , but involves beating the mixture for 20 minutes . On the plus side though , it's light , pale and fluffy and plonked on a doiley with a sprig of white heather tucked beside it , might look minimalist and very chic .
And then there's always Jane Grigson ... any one of these would please the most demanding guest

All I'd have to do is make praline powder , proper butter cream and one of three sorts of pastry .

We'll see . The final choice will be appearing here on June 2nd and throuh Rattling On you'll be able to admire them all .


English Rider said...

It's a nice idea. The journey may turn out to be as rewarding as the ultimate destination.

colleen said...

At times like this the Victoria Sponge has its attractions, don't you think?

Rattling On said...

No, I don't think you did mention you were diabetic! But then, I'm not really a cake-eater...I just enjoy making them for other people. I'd love it if your readers would like to join in as well. (I think I have come up with a cunning plan for mine, whether it will be photogenic is a different matter)

Ginnie said...

What a fun idea! Can't wait to see what you make.

Marcheline said...

I'd go with the Scots version, and let my trusty KitchenAid mix for 20 minutes! 8-)

Liz said...

oooh, that sounds fun!