Friday, 3 August 2012

Relaxing .... And Relaxing Some More .

Sonata :

As crows fly to and fro over Smitonius' house on their way to the Olympic Stadium , I've been lolling about with a pile of library books . It's ages since I've had the time to gulp books down whole and I've forgotten how much fun it is !

So far , I've vicariously gone on the Oregon Trail in 1845 with Peggy Elliot's "A Small Part Of History " , used my paranormal powers to find dead bodies with Charlaine Harris's "Grave Sight" and solved a handful of other murders

And now I'm about to do some "Knitting" .

Don't be misled by the pretty but rather twee cover by the way , this is proving to be rather good . And while I'm following the instructions on the way to achieve perfect rice given to me by one of the mothers , "Don't overcook rice .When the rice begins to dance in water , it is the perfect time to put out fire and drain it " , I'm going to read a bit more before getting supper .


colleen said...

Very satisfying! Strangely I went through a stage of not being able to read at all. I think it was because I felt that I needed to be" busy", or maybe it was just guilt!

Rattling On said...

I, too, went through a period of not reading. I think it's exhaustion really, no space to take in anything else! But recently I've read a lot more. Which means less can't win.

love those cupcakes said...

It's rather good, this not working lark, isn't it?

I always plan to use our local library (which was recently saved from closure by community volunteers) to cut down on the book piles here but never seem to get there. Must try harder.

Dancing rice. Wonderful.

Marcheline said...

Sounds like a perfect summer to me.

Friko said...

Books, and not a lot else. What could be better.
Could I join you?

Fran said...

I'm loving having some time to read for longer than 10 minutes over my summer holiday.

Liz said...

I've never noticed rice dancing - just the opposite i'd have thought. Maybe that says something about the way i cook rice!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I enjoyed the Knitting book too ... a good read :D