Sunday, 19 August 2012

Things To Do When It's 30C In The Shade

a) FIND some shade .

b) Once found , just sit perfectly still in it like this gnome and a hundred or so of his brothers

in a corner of the Ceramic Museum's back garden .

c) Failing that , cycle up the river path

hoping to create enough of a draught to cool one's middle .

d) Wander about a shady village church yard

admiring the gravestones , and marvel at the infinity and otherness of Fresian Christian names . Sipke and Sijtske , Meintje and Janke , Wopke and Hotze and the wonderfully named Allegonda .

e) Chat to a horse on the way back

"You're ra-ather beautiful , you know " I coo-ed fatuously ... and he nodded in agreement . I must take a carrot next time .

f) Drink Jasmine tea and eat nectarines .


June said...

You are far, far more ambitious than I would be in that heat. I might have been tempted to lie in the shade in the church yard, perhaps to be mistaken for someone awaiting burial.

rachel said...


Tattie Weasle said...

Everything done in that gloriously slow languorous way of course!

Molly said...

I think I would have lain down under a tree with that ra-ather beautiful horse!

Rattling On said...

Bit of a novelty isn't it? It was hot while I was away, and a couple of days here. Not any longer...
For some reason the heat hasn't been affecting me at all this year and I've even been having a hot water bottle at night, I always have a 13 tog duvet as minimum. Weird.
I love headstones in graveyards, you're not allowed to have nice ones here, they have to conform to strict rules. So unfair I think.

colleen said...

I did some of those things to stay cool. Got a puncture though and it took the wind out of my sails,,,so to speak. Happier now that it is cooler.

Friko said...

Alternatively, you could stay in your own backyard, your feet in a bucket of water and a book in your hand.

Liz said...

As I sit here in polo neck sweater plus woolly cardi I rather long for 30C - although I know I would last about 2 minutes in it. If that.