Saturday, 6 July 2013

Not Totally Predictable , No .

  Friko , in her latest post , talks about the predictability ... or otherwise ... of  life  and , unlike others ,  feels that day-to-day control lies within one's grasp . I'd like to think it's true  I suppose it depends on whether you're  a glass half full or glass half empty person , certainly once you reach your sixties .

*But much as I'd  love to live a life of wild spontaneity , treats and new experiences , I don't . The occasional Day Out to somewhere unfamiliar apart , days tend to follow one another , rather like a procession of cowled monks .
 Still , it doesn't have to be dull .  There's always one's fellow man to provide entertainment , even on routine trips to the supermarket ... Yesterday  a couple ahead of me were rushing about with their trolley stacked  with an odd assortiment of groceries . "How about a magazine ? ", he asked  , sounding slightly desperate,  handing her one about cars .
 "No ! I've  explained this already  ! I said I only want blue and white things " .
 " Look , they've got blue Durex . Will that do ? "
"Perfect!... now a gift token and we can give it to him when we get there ".
 I think they were putting together a care package for their son who'd moved out and was a new flat-sharer . I went off trying to imagine previous generations of parents tossing condoms in among the instant mash and tins of soup , let alone colour co-ordinate it .

* P.S. No , Husband and I aren't  quite like this ... I don't really have whiskers  fortunately .. .but , when Y.D . packed up her things the other day to take them down to Amsterdam ,  I rescued  the contents  of  her doll's house and have put them in our storeroom . Yes , I know , I'm not very good at de-cluttering , but suppose there's ever a granddaughter ?


June said...

Oh, too funny. I had to Google "Durex," but too funny!

Marcheline said...

Great stuff! And, as for keeping vintage stuff - it's never a mistake, because often you can sell it on ebay for a profit later on, if you decide it's time to declutter. Always hang on to vintage toys/linens/jewelry, etc.!

Rattling On said...

Very sensible option, much more so than a magazine!!

Friko said...

I don’t really think we have control over what’s going to happen, it’s just that my life in retirement is pretty samey and running on well-oiled tracks and therefore fairly predictable, until ‘the big thing’ happens, whatever that may be.

Durex? I’ve never bought Durex in my life. we used to leave that sort of thing to boys; I wonder what the son - if you are right - will say to that gift? My parents would have had kittens if they’d thought I even knew what Durex was.

Liz said...

Oh you'll need them for granddaughters!

I don't know which is more shocking: parents buying condoms for their son or the fact that you can get blue condoms!