Thursday, 12 December 2013

Some Graffiti Is Cosier Than Others

When I was little and went to the cinema with my mother , she'd censor the film . Whenever there was a scary bit ... the burning of Atlanta in Gone With The Wind , for instance ... her hand would suddenly be clapped in front of my eyes till she judged it suitabe to watch again .
Whenever I cycle past a wall of graffiti I think of her . I don't think the above would have got past her but she'd have liked this , even though cats always made her sneeze .


Friko said...

Having somebody’s hand shoved in front of my eyes just when it got interesting would have annoyed me no end.

Did you peek?

Marcheline said...

If there was a million dollar prize for guessing what photos would be included in this post...

... I'd still be broke.


love those cupcakes said...

I can only echo this: