Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sucking Eggs

One each side , Mum and daughter hoisted Gran up into the train and helped her down the carriage , her feet hardly touching the ground . They parked her next to me , after checking for draughts and possible noisy ,  neighbouring children .  Then grandaughter retreated behind her 'phone and Mum heaved a sigh of relief . Everyone in the carriage who'd ever had anything to do with the day-to-day care of an elderly relative looked on in sympathy .
Gran opened her enormous handbag ... one of those that open with a clasp at the top ... and started rummaging . I , who tend to do the same , watched fascinated . What was she looking for ... reading glasses ? hanky ? or a packet of Wilhelmina Extra Strong Peppermints ?
No . With a smart click of her wrist , she pulled a tablet out of the depths , opened it and announced to her daughter ,
"I'm going to read the paper. " . And did ... the online version .
I wish she'd give me a few tips ... my laptop and I need to be re-trained . Hence the infrequent posts  lately .


Friko said...

That was me, I am grandma-with-a-tablet, wherever she goes.

So sucks-boo to you.

Except I move under my own steam still. Just. I have no one to propel me forward.

Toffeeapple said...

There is hope for me yet, then.

Lucille said...

I'm determined to keep up. But I haven't started Twittering yet.

What's the story in Dalamory said...

Brilliant - and presumably she was connected already to the wifi on the train.

rachel said...

Love it! At the Seniors' Lunch I attend, there are a couple of old ladies who arrive with fabulous bling-y nails, tons of arty jewellery and lipstick - but are perfectly happy to discuss hearing aids with the rather startled old chaps. Gives one hope, doesn't it?