Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Splendid Girls' Day Out

On Tuesday , YD and I had a Girls' Day Out . After a hideously early start ... when did you last voluntarily get up at five in the morning ? ... it included taxi rides , endless coffees and the latest glossy magazines , a special hat for me , small displays of beautifully arranged antiques and excellent , friendly personal service with a smile .  
Where did we go ? The local hospital's eye department and their cataract removal clinic . I'd been terrified ... scalpels ? stitches in my eyeball ?  what would I see ? ... so it was perhaps just as well that YD kept a firm grip on my elbow while we went in but , once we were there , everyone was so welcoming that it would have been churlish to turn and run back whimpering  into the dawn light .
And now it's done and I can see everything clearly again with my left eye , I only have one slight complaint . I've got to wait seven more weeks for the right eye to be done . Why can't I go back tomorrow ?

            Me in my nifty new eye cap ... fortunately only to be worn at night . It keeps on sliding
            down to my chin .

Before she left YD pointed out that I'd wrongly attributed the Henry VIII and his wives drawing to her . Apparently it was by Smitonius . "I couldn't have done anything so good . Besides I'd have given them mouse ears ".  And , it's true . She'd have made dancing mice of them all . My abject apologies , meanwhile , to my eldest daughter


materfamilias said...

So pleased to hear you're happy with the results of the surgery. I'm not a fan of the scalpel, but I do look forward to one day having my cataracts removed (they're only incipient at the moment). . . my mother had lens implants when she had her cataracts removed and never had to wear glasses after. I would love that!

rachel said...

How terrifying! Glad you came through unscathed - everyone I know who has had this procedure is amazed at the results. And not always pleased.... My friend P realised that the peach coloured suit she so loved was actually bright pink; A's mother (90) was astonished to see that her daughter had wrinkles, and how come her sitting room carpet was so grubby? But it's still an amazing thing to have done, isn't it?

English Rider said...

It's hard to believe how quickly the eye improves. My husband was afraid too and just had his second eye done. He should be more afraid of my wrath as he's already broken his new glasses since by laying them in bed beside him. In addition to the expense, he woke me up at 2am to tell me what he'd done.
Make sure you follow orders on using eye drops. It's important.

Molly Bon said...

Glad it was so successful. My doc mentioned there were the beginnings of such in my eyes but nothing to worry about for a while yet....Needless to say, I can wait!

Jocelyn said...

You know, I've never had any idea what you look like. You are unbelievably beautiful.

Thank you for being so matter-of-fact post-surgery. I'm probably, hopefully, going to have LASIK in the next few years sometime (and eventually cataract surgery, genetics being what they are), but the whole idea of being conscious while my eye is "fixed" is horrifying to me. You give me courage.

Change of subject: I managed yesterday to delete all the comments my blog has ever received, so I'm attempting to deal with my angst over that by tracking down former blog buddies. You are one of them1

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Jocelyn _ Thankyou ! Untrue , but very welcome !
I can't comment on your blog ... or Marcheline's ( Mental Meatloaf ) ... any more , for some reason , but I'm still reading you with great interest .

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! Keep up the eyedrops (as English Rider says) and accept that you look great (as Jocelyn says - and, no, I am not biased). lots of love from ED (can't remember drawing Henry or his wives at all... but I like the way his last and surviving wife looks like Mafalda).

Liz Hinds said...

That sounds so scary! Glad it all worked out well - and even gladder to see a photo of you! How beautiful you are!

Shandy said...

Funnily enough, my first thought when I saw that photo was that you look both happy and surprisingly youthful. I've been alarmed recently to have had people offering me their seats - this while travelling back from a serious walking holiday.

Marcheline said...

This whole time reading your blog and I never realized you were gorgeous! I mean, I knew about the beautiful INSIDE you... but you are stunning on the outside as well! Wow. You should definitely have some photos taken without the eye contraptions and post them! 8-)

Friko said...

Well done. One down, one to go.
I’ve ben turned down for the op for the time being.
Apparently there’s a slight risk of it going wrong and I only have one reasonably functioning eye.

love those cupcakes said...

Oh gosh, well done you (I go a bit funny when I think about someone poking about my eye with sharp objects whilst I'm awake) and how great that your sight has instantly improved.
And now I keep imagining Henry 8 as Angelina Ballerina.