Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn again .

It's that time of year again  . I never seem to have put the right coat on and am usually overheated or rainsoaked .

Still , it definitely isn't this windswept and bleak  , either . This is the cover of a 1947 pamphlet , advertising the Friese Agricultural Fair in September when , by the look of it , you'd have been advised to put on winter woolies and a hat , complete with hatpin . Proof of climate warming , if we still need it  .
But , it prompted me to think about knitting again . Nothing complicated ... until the other cataract is removed , I have no depth perception  , making sewing impossible , knitting interesting and cycling alarming . Well , I say nothing complicated , but led astray by Friend who'd discovered a new
 woolshop , I found myself taking home rainbow wool and circular needles ... which I've never tried before . I'm a great fan of YouTube though , and  always believe that there's the perfect video that will show me exactly How To ....

and there was . Or would have done  had I paid attention  .  It turns out that when Miss Kaufman says ,  "make sure the cast on row isn't twisted " ,
 she means just that . So I've now started again . Properly  . This time it'll look less weird . I love the way it feels  .

Friend had found a new cafè , too , that does delicious steak sandwiches . No photo since we ate them all up the second they hit the table so I'll show you their menu instead ... the bit where they explain their policy . Good food , responsibly sourced and served with a smile , preferably to smiling customers . So we smiled widely .

I saw today that the cafè in our local library has a more take-it-or-leave-it policy , judging by their sign outside ... 'geen' meaning no , in this case .  They do have very nice coffee , though . 

And , finally , a photo my colour therapy lunch today . Remarkably cheering . I even smiled .


materfamilias said...

I'm very used to knitting on circular needles, but just the same, I made the same mistake as you last year -- except I was quite a few inches in to a piece of colourwork, hundreds of fingering-weight stitches per row, AAargh! So it's not just a beginner mistake. Your project looks pretty -- and it's a perfect time of year to settle into an armchair with some yarn.

Liz Hinds said...

Circular needles? No, no, no, no!