Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our Madonna With Cherries

There are hundreds of representations of The Madonna With Cherries , all of them beautiful . But today I stood admiring our local version and had to think that it was one of the best I've ever seen .

It used to stand , almost unnoticed , in a corner by the lift in the old hospital ... the one that was run by the nuns ,

and is still remembered with gratitude by generations of ailing Leeuwarders . The town now has a spiffy new hospital with dozens of lifts and every machine known to man and the old Bonnehûs   ( St Bonifatius hospital  ) has been demolished with exec. residences put up on the land instead .
But dotted about the splendid shiny new Medical Center  (I still think Bonnehûs sounds more comforting )   there are little reminders .
This statue is perfect and children , in particular , must have loved it . Symbolically , cherries represent sweetness of character derived from good works and cherries in the hand of The Christ Child suggest the delights of the blessed  .
And over his ears ?


Molly Bon said...

I like Bonnehus better too. I had never heard of the Madonna with cherries! I learn something new every day from fellow bloggers...

Friko said...

Madonna with cherries? Is this especially Dutch?

But cherries over the ears, where else would you wear them. I did and still do when I find ‘a pair'.

Marcheline said...

Did someone say cherries on their ears? This has been on my favorites list on Etsy forever. Now I may have to buy a pair! https://www.etsy.com/listing/53932017/cherry-earrings?ref=favs_view_16

love those cupcakes said...

So good to hear parts of the old hospital have been included in the new one. (We're big on demolition here, not so great at preservation.)

There can't be many who could resist hanging pairs of cherries from their ears when presented with a bowlful. Bit like popping the tea cosy on your head when the hostess leaves the room.

rachel said...

That's a slightly scary-looking Christ child, I must say, cherries or no.