Sunday, 30 August 2015

Catching Up Fast- ish.

It takes a while for things to filter this far north . I mean , we have electric light and vending machines and things , but the first hipster I saw was in London , this summer .
But now there are at least three young men in town with the right kind of beard and cap ,,, and one of them has bicycle clips .
Cold brew coffee hasn't appeared yet but there's a new sandwich shop with 'artisan bread' , which  is a start .
So , naturally, this pair gathered quite a crowd when they started performing a while ago in the square .

We all listened politely and and applauded . A tatooed gent joined the line-up . For a moment we thought he was going to sing , too , till we saw that he was just retrieving his dog .
But before we could all move fast enough , the duo had launched into their second number . Roughly translated :

" He lay under the ground  ,
He lay under the ground ,
He lay under the ground ...

And he didn't mind ,
And he didn't mind ,
And he didn't mind ...

A garden on his stomach ,
A garden on his stomach ,
A garden on his stomach ...

And he didn't mind ,
And he didn't mind ,
And he ... "
Whereupon the woman from the neighbouring organic veg. stall leapt to her feet , picked up a tray of strawberries and ran round offering us all one . The tatooed man's tatooed wife took photos of her husband and dog ...

and I left to do my shopping . 

Though I do now wonder if  I'm quite the person to report on current trends , here or anywhere else . I bumped into a charming young girl this week , who looked vaguely familiar ,
"Oh ", she said , " You used to be my juf in playschool ! " . Then followed the usual catch-up conversation about schools and future plans .
"I'm hoping to go to the Police Academy next year " . Dear Heaven , I'm feeling my age !


materfamilias said...

chortling! with some recognition both of the age and the attitude. As long as we can laugh, we're alright?

Mise said...

Where you live is the epitome of civilization. It sounds divine (except for the vending machines but perhaps they vend Good Things).

Marcheline said...

Handsome men singing, tattoed people running around - sounds right down my alley!

Friko said...

No wonder you’re feeling your age. This far north and out of the way and men singing about the joys of being six feet under is good. At least you can still feel your age. Mine has completely swallowed me up.

love those cupcakes said...

That song. For some reason I'm reminded of the line, 'You hum it, son, I'll play it'. I'm now on a quest to source artisan bread in these parts whilst not holding my breath.

rachel said...

Did they wear trousers short enough to show their delicate ankles and elegant socks?

Hipsters haven't quite reached us yet, but I did spot one in Taunton the other day. Kind of brave, given what Somerset generally likes to wear.....

Liz Hinds said...

Are you only just getting artisan bread? It's even reached Wales.

By hipster do you mean this trend for young men to dress as old?