Monday, 17 August 2015

Where's It Gone ?

Vanished .
Sun , boats , ice cold beers , vast salads , picnics and freckles ... All gone overnight .

So it's now time to roll up my sleeves for winter .

Making warming one-pan meals again . This , for instance , from Nikko Amandonico's "Una Bella Spaghettata "

is startlingly simple , involving little more than mixing good Italian canned tomatoes with herbs , olives and capers with olive oil ( lots of olive oil ... to feed 6 she recommends using 500 ml . I didn't . ) , stirring this into some barely cooked pasta , tipping it all into an oven dish and baking it in a hot oven for 20 minutes . Eat a large bowlful and and relax .

Enrol in some class or other ... I've found a craft class which includes crochet ( yes , again ... well even I must get the hang of it eventually ) and lunch .

And start at least one ridiculous frivolous project . This winter's is from an ancient P&B booklet of Senior Knitteds for The Rich In Years .

Since I could hardly cycle while wearing a muff and can't knit gloves  , I thought that I'd have a bash at these slippers

or house shoes as they would have been called when the pattern was written . In scarlet , perhaps , for Christmas ? Perhaps I should arm myself with one of these , too ?

I've got the latest Bryant and May who-dunnit on audiobook .... I'll be rather put out now , if Summer returns .


colleen said...

No!!! The sun will be back, even if the light doesn't last quite as long. That doesn't mean that there isn't space for a bit of cold weather practice mind or wearing the odd woolie, but I am hopeful, ever hopeful that summer is not quite over yet.

materfamilias said...

Ah yes, I posted this morning on the season's turn, although it's still warm and sunny here, scheduled to be so for another couple of weeks, at least (and we're desperately, desperately in need of rain!).
Your proposed diet and activities is hugely appealing with the promised comfort of a fall/winter routine, but for the first time in many decades, I'm turning my back on fall and heading off to parts where it has much less sway and where I have no dictated schedule whatsoever once I've caught the requisite planes and trains. We shall see how that suits. . . Meanwhile, I think a pair of those "house shoes" make a perfect knitting project!

English Rider said...

Horrible, relentless heat here, and a sky brown with car exhaust pollution and smoke from all the wild fires. My cat seeks out any fan that is turning, and we all know that cats enjoy warmth. I like the cape-let in the bottom picture, maybe knitted with oiled wool to make it useful when biking in damp weather.

rachel said...

That buttoned cape looks alarmingly like one of those sinister garments knitted by people who collect their pet's fur. Just sayin'.......

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Rachel ! How kind ... does that mean you'll save all your cats' fur for me ?

love those cupcakes said...

The nights are certainly drawing in here (or as my dad used to say, it's getting late early) but it's been very warm and muggy. I'm ready for autumn. I had a go not so long ago knitting a pair of slippers. They turned out on the large side. Too big even for the mister and he's got feet the size of canoes.