Sunday, 10 July 2016

Well , At Least There's Not A Hosepipe Ban

It didn't rain on Thursday so I sat on the balcony and took stock .

The lavender hasn't died . The two cherry tomato plants are looking pale but brave and when I got down on hands and knees  and squinted , I counted five tomatoes . One this size , O and four this size   .

My Wildflower Plantation , a large-ish earthenware pot , sewn with a packet of Bee and Butterfly attracting plant seeds that the housing association gave each of us  this year

 has burst forth into one white flower too tiny to identify ,  two pink ditto  , a pretty purple sweetpea affair and a cornflower .

 Local bees seem to be reluctant to venture forth  however , though I have seen two hoverflies doing their silent best to fill the gap .

Never mind , with a balcony 10 by 6 foot , I was hardly hoping to be self-sufficient but yesterday's paper has a large article on page 2 telling us that due to flooding and hailstorms spinach , paksoi , lettuce and rocket will be in short supply till September , at least ... and I'm already a little tired of carrots ...

 It's chicken barley soup for supper and a kiwi fruit .

P.S. The plant pots and labels aren't mine . Not even I am  that optimistic . They were stacked ín a corner of the Orangery in Utrecht's Hortus , where the cactii were sheltering from the rain .  


Molly Bon said...

Well, at least you can depend on Mother Nature to water your plants. It takes a Herculean effort to keep anything alive in this heat! Though I am very proud of my marigolds which I rescued from near death and which are now, due to the aforementioned Herculean efforts, thriving.... That one sweet pea is worth your efforts ---so pretty.

materfamilias said...

Your sense of droll humour, at least, seems to be intact. Your meagre harvest can be expanded to included chuckles from far across the water. I do hope it dries up soon and the sun shines down on you before summer is completely gone. . .

Liz Hinds said...

I misread hailstones as halitosis.

Anyway, it's pouring here today and looks set to continue. Our tomatoes (in the greenhouse) are less than healthy. Birds have eaten all our cherries and plums. And we're going to leave the EU.

Having depressed myself I'll say cheerio, and read your previous post.