Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Why's It So Bright Outside ?

I went to the seaside yesterday , on a tram * . Well , nearly .

In typical fashion , I chose the day when the line was being given its annual overhaul so I and hundreds of others were de-trammed for the last four stops and packed in a bus ( you notice I'm using the singular here . )
Still , I saw a merry-go-round ,

 ate some chips on the prom.

and stood on tiptoe to see the sea . But the really extraordinary thing was ... the sun was shining .

Because apart from that , August's been a bit of a washout , literally .

Still , my tomatoes are ripening .

And Friend took me out for lunch on my birthday .

Great conversation , delicious food and a candle ... and yes, it was this dark at one o'clock on Monday . Something to do with the monsoon season apparently .

 But , oddly , the sun still seems to be shining today and I'm going outside again

*At Den Haag's Central train station , there's a tram that goes out to Holland's most popular and iconic beach resort , Scheveningen , rolling through the city center and suburbs of increasingly ornate elaborate , over-balconied seaside  villas.


Zhoen said...

I'd gladly swap some of our sun for some of your rain. Lovely tomatoes.

Jenny Woolf said...

Sounds like your weather is much like ours. We went to Scheveningen once and a giant seagull literally flew down and grabbed one of the kids box of chips from his hand. They spilled everywhere and of course all the other giant gulls zoomed in then. I would say that they were about the size of turkeys, but of course a different shape. Still, it was a good day, despite this. Scheveningen got the thumbs up, and we also went to Sea Life there.

Knitlass said...

Ooh. I love Scheveningen - I have been to the wonderful panorama painting there - and I love saying the word: Scheveningen!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , it's one of those words that are hard to stop ... like koningin !