Thursday, 8 September 2016

What Can I Say ?

I'm becoming boring ... unfortunate in someone who blogs .

It's become so bad that the other day as I walked into a shop , the young assistant didn't even blink and just carried on moaning into her 'phone  , "Yes , I know so-o quiet . Only loads of women with grey hair ." , and didn't notice that , having cast a glance at her bemotto-ed cushions  ( so last year ... a bit like me , obviously )  I'd  left . I can be sniffy , too,  you know . 

Luckily I was in Deventer , a smallish town I like inordinately and promptly found lots of better things to do .

It's full of narrow alleyways , full of nice surprises .

Like the big working river , full of barges , just at the end of this lane

Or this imposing gate in an alley only wide enough for one small passerby

The spray of orchids in someone's window box

or these very blue and very perfect trumpets winding up a drainpipe  .

There are dozens of little shops and they're , all but one , packed with interesting things  ... I liked the way this one , full of bricabrac , even when forced by illness to close for business had found something pretty to write the message on . Who else remembers collecting angel scraps at school ?

The street names ; Long Bishop Street , Short Bishop Street , Behind The Monks  ... 

the tempting bars and the way that just round the corner there are two Cuban cafes and a proper tapas bar for the witch to sober up in ...  

The shop that just calls itself  THE Bread Shop .

And , of course , the best street decoration I've seen this summer ... dozens and dozens of rainbow coloured brollies everywhere .


Molly Bon said...

Not boring at all. I walked into a tourist office recently with a younger friend. I was wearing capris and a tee shirt and she was wearing a pretty dress....and did I mention, she's younger than me? I walked in first and was ignored. My friend came in a few minutes after and was welcomed and smiled at and fussed over...Excuse me, I felt like saying, What am I? Chopped liver? Not good for the ego! But might as well get used to it --- or dye my hair, get a facelift and start wearing dresses! Dresses I can do but the dying and the facelift? Not worth the bother! Love your pictures and the peek into foreign parts that you give us!

Joanne Noragon said...

The umbrellas are brilliant, in concept and execution.
I know the "invisible" phenomenon in public places. I try to silently change their perception of their world by quietly but firmly invading their space, becoming silently visible, and too close. When recognized, I back away and transact business. I wonder how "they" relate the incident of some old codger in their shop, later on.

Mrs. Splapthing said...

I just came home from work, it's late, and I'm tired... but I had to log in so that I could say this: YOU'RE NOT BORING! And also: People with grey hair are the ones with the best stories to tell!

That's it - carry on.

rachel said...

And the grey-haired ones often have money to spend. The thing is, they (we) are the generation that expects civility in shops, and maybe even a welcome! I'm glad you walked out.

Deventer looks charming. Next time we fancy a trip away, we shall consult you first as to alternatives to Amsterdam!