Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year Resolution .....


Here we have a record 5 unfinished quilts ....and that's ignoring the carefully put aside collections of fabric that I think would make a lovely ZigZag Bricks quilt ( 3 ) , Round the World ( 2 ) or NinePatch quilt . So , today , I decided to get at least one finished this week . To that end I started to tidy up the 4 button boxes in my possession . I'm awfully good at displacement activity !

Actually , the larger blue and white doll quilt ( in the background ....the squares are 2"across ) is very nearly ready and the Hitty-sized Grandmother's Garden is too . But now I've got them all out , I'm in love with them all again and can't choose between them ! So I think this year's resolution must be to finish off these little quilts as soon as possible .....oh yes , and to put all the buttons back .

Meanwhile , I hope you all have a happy and successful New Year !!

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Suse said...

I love the one with the teeny tiny squares.

Happy new year!