Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Heart... be still


Well, we are rapidly becoming a 'look what I bought' blog, rather than 'look what I did'! Not quite a bargain, but bid for some spare bits and bobs package of broken jewellery on Ebay. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to rummage through finds.

And, I did find some lovely things: butterfly pendants; vintage beads in citrine yellow; the odd polished stone.... and quite a few hearts.

Just in time for Valentine! So, who will be your Valentine this year? (shhhht: I shall send two cards, one to my other half, and the second to my nephew...)

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Eva said...

who will be my valentine...well, i don't really celebrate the day, but it's alyways nice to get a card, so why not? my son, my daughter, my husband, and myself, of course! and everyone who wants some of my love.