Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Quilts .... little and large


Smitonius was right! Too much shopping and not enough crafting. Still, I have finally made some progress. In typical fashion, when faced with 5 quilts to finish, I made another one. But, in my defence I must say it's only 10"x 12"with 30 pieces. So would have been very quickly made had I not decided to try machine quilting for the first time! With a new sewing machine....with a new electric sewing machine. I must be one of the last women in the Western world who still used an antique Singer hand machine from choice! Anyway, the recipient.... and his monkey.... won't be too critical of the wobbly lines.... and I enjoyed doing it more than I thought I would.

It can't replace handsewing for the Hitty quilts which measure roughly 8"x 8 1/2" but I enjoy sewing these by hand, anyway.

In the evening in front of the television, it's a great way to relax. It takes a while to get from this

to this ( over 300 pieces ) and I love pottering about, finding colour combinations!

And, as for large quilts.... the 80 foot long Oldehove Quilt, made to celebrate the inauguration of the Fries Museum's Quilt exhibition in November, out of beautiful Kaffe Fassett materials, by local quilters, has been, as promised, cut into smaller pieces and ninety "dreamquilts "have been made for children who are ill, handicapped or suffering bereavement. Kaffe Fassett handed the completed quilts to the Regenboogboom ( Rainbow Tree ) Organisation last week to be distributed. So nice to think that they'll be enjoyed by so many children who are in need of some extra love and attention.


Eva said...

what a great way to display a quilt! is that a church tower or another sort of magnificent architecture?

so do antique sewing machines make more or less noise then the eletric?
to think i was miserable using an old electric sewing machine kindly lent to me by my mother in law while you were using your singer!

i think people who hand-quilt are very brave with all that slow work ahead. i know it can be very peaceful and relaxing and i don't really need instant gratification, but i don't have that kind of courage. someday perhaps.your results are so fine.

Redwoodhouse said...

Thankyou for visiting Redwood House and the lovely comments, your crafting is beautiful, the quilts and jewellery are lovely, and Ohhhh those vintage buttons, I would just love them all. My mother still uses a Singer hand machine and refuses to have an electric one but I would be lost without my electric machine.
Love the fact that the big quilt has been used in such a wonderful way...