Thursday, 26 November 2009

How To Be All Of A Glow Despite The Rain


I seem to have spent all month in a pair of wet shoes and if one more person says , "Well , mustn't grumble . It's not cold ", I might say something colourful .

So to cheer myself up yesterday and with the prospect of a dismal night's television , I cycled to the library after work . It has a really good selection of foreign films and classics on DVD as well as modern films so there's always something worth watching .
Riding along , I noticed that my front wheel had developed a wheezy click so cycled faster to get there before it decided to fall off (Go on , you knit faster too when the ball of wool's nearly finished ) .

Having taken a short cut , I found myself cycling through the town's tiny red light district and past the Valhalla . I love the idea of Valhalla being accessed via a sex club . Very Viking somehow . But some of the other establishments seem less savoury so cycle even faster . I positively hurtle round the corner and pull up outside the library in record time and wheezing myself .

Grabbing a couple of Almodovar's and some C.D. s , I do battle with the new computerised check-out machines . The patient young woman at the desk is no longer surprised by the machine's reluctance to co-operate with me or mine with it and I get yet another tutorial .

Arrive home all of a glow , put a casserole in the oven and settle down to watch Todo Sobre Mi Madre . In dry fluffy socks . At last .

The drawings are both by Rie Cramer and come from a 1954 copy of Piet en Nel by Leonard Roggeveen .


FWOG. A blog. By Fi and Wendy. said...

What an adventurous short cut you took. I can imagine the ghosts of Vikings past saying 'our work here is done...' with a great sense of satisfaction.

laurie said...

dry fluffy socks sound so cozy.

and i'm not a knitter. but i well know that feeling of speeding up at the end of all kinds of things.

Penny said...

I have that feeling when I'm running out of petrol! Love those illustrations!

Tania said...

Have I mentioned before how much I ADORE pootling by here? Still chuckling about the ride faster/knit faster. And you did say a lot of somethings with colour in that post - just not swear jar somethings.

Molly said...

Love your description of the ride to the library! Wish anything here was close enough to cycle to! You miss everything when you go by car....I LOVE those drawings! Maybe you would know something about a magazine published in England roughly 60-70 years ago? It had charming illustrations like these.... It was called "Little Folk." I loved it but lost it and have been mourning the loss for 45 years!