Thursday, 5 November 2009

I Could Be On A Winning Streak ....


I suspect I'm still five years old at heart. One of the local supermarket chains has a promotion ....for every 15 Euros you spend you get a little shiny bag , containing one of the characters from Snow White ....only 2"high ( or smaller , obviously , for Dopey etc. ) .

Now , I'm not five and I know that tiny bits of plastic are a Bad Thing environmentally and I promise not to accept anymore . But .... I had to look just once .... and I got Snow White !!

And now she's supervising my latest quilt for Hitty . And for anyone who was thinking , "I wouldn't have put those colours together ", before this is finished I'll have sewn around 400 of these together . It all works out in the end , you'll see .

But if I'm on this sort of lucky streak , perhaps I should have listened to the overexcited chap who's just called from "Zurich ....Switzerland ", to tell me that I'm in the final draw for a Major Prize . I might have won , who knows ? But , since I'm not five years old , I put the phone down on whats'isname from "Zurich .... Switzerland " , while wondering why he had a local accent .


Tania said...

Poor Whatsisname should consider setting up some international support group. There are a few callers and door knockerers (usually of a heavily religious bent) who bash on the door just as the two year old has wafted off to sleep, or smack bang in the middle of dinner.

And no need to convince me with your hexes. 400 will look AMAZING.

GUGAW said...

hehe cute! i still have a little box of random plastic thingamajigs stored somewhere...all completely useful but i cant quite bear to throw them away!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

That little piece of quilt is so darling. I just love it.I have been trying to figure out how to crochet this morning on You Tube. I think I'll give it a go.

And the cranberry bread was good. I put some dried apricots and walnuts in it too... and I love my big kitty.

More later and thanks for stopping by,

Penny said...

You are definitely on winniong streak with that quilt! 400? Wow!

Marcheline said...

Hey, wait a second... maybe they make those little tiny statues from scraps of leftover plastic that would have otherwise gone into a landfill.

See, by making them into cute little statues and keeping them on your shelf, you are keeping the nasty plastic out of the landfills!

The little pieces of that quilt remind me of "oyster crackers" here in the USA... mmmmm! In a bowl of hot New England clam chowder, there's nothing better.

- M