Friday, 8 January 2010

Smitonius: today we are in Charleston


A bit of remote and automatic blogging... this is the plan anyway! What really happened and photos on return.

Why Charleston? Well, in this household we often plan trips around family history, and given that I am not tied to a teaching schedule this academic year... we thought we would take a chance and go in the low season. And wouldn't you know it, an unusual arctic front is scheduled for our arrival.

So, travelling back down one of my paternal branches, there are a Smith family and a Torrans family to be found. John Torrans (1702-1780), a merchant, married Elizabeth Blanche Smith (1736-1817), daughter of Judge William Smith of New York. Her brother Thomas Smith, owner of the so called Treason House in Haverstraw, had a son called William Smith (1761-1822) would marry their daughter and his first cousin Rosella Blanche Torrans (1772-1845). From this union, a daughter called Eliza Torranza Smith (1814-1872) was born who would marry an English merchant Stephen Watson and find herself in later life residing in Liverpool - a confederate supporter nonetheless. Although not much remains, given wars and earthquakes, it is a great excuse for travelling - wouldn't you agree?


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

If only we'd known . We could have called you Torranza . Sonata .

Molly said...

Welcome to this side of the pond---hope you brought along your winter woollies! I've heard lovely things about Charleston! Hope y'all enjoy your stay!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Late! I am your cousin Charlotte, who lives on Edisto Island just south of Charleston. I too am descended from the Smiths and Hays, and Rosella - and very interested in her history, especially since I am an artist, too! If you come again, please email me.