Sunday, 2 May 2010

An Average Sort Of Week , Give Or Take ....

Sonata :

an enforced computer-free week hasn't led to wild creativity and a rediscovery of Great Literature or even a quick dabble in Macrame For Beginners . I haven't even caught up on way overdue letter-writing , written my half-year report or filed the last couple of months' pile of Don't Throw Away envelopes , unless you count knowing roughly which piece of furniture they're resting in .

But I've watched a football match on television and demonstrated a knowledge of the offside rule which surprised even me . I've shared a space with rainbow crystals and Baby Boomers . I've twice survived an Art Project with visiting artist with a surprising amount of finger paint , ice cubes , food colouring , feathers , sand paper , glitter and bongos with a dozen three-year olds . And I've watched Julie/Julia with very good friends , good wine and impeccably low-fat delicious nibbles .

With the rest of Holland , I've celebrated the Queen's birthday in customary style . The country becomes a giant open air Flea Market and I joined the rest of the population strolling around in the hope of finding undiscovered treasure .... or at least an orphaned button or two .

No luck but I did find some great books
and some vintage fabric

including a little piece of this lovely fairy-tale material

with a tiny Cinderella and a Prince with attitude .

I bought this which we enjoyed greatly

easy listening , circa 1750 .

Which brings me neatly to my apology to any of you who may have been expecting Naked Willie's "Bring Me Sunshine " to be startlingly risque or humorous . No , what made me laugh so much was the fact that , whatever else I'd expected from this ponytailed , pot-smoking Country and Western icon , it wasn't a Morecambe and Wise impersonation .

But , don't worry . I got my comeuppance .

I took Willie and two other c.d.s back to the library and fed them into the maw of the machine that registers returns , whereupon it told me that I'd returned 2 items .... NO! . So I went to the Help desk , with which I'm not unfamiliar by now . Nice lady said "I'll check ", then returned to tell me I'd returned only two from my total of borrowed items . "I can't find Naked Willie ", she bellowed to the growing queue behind me , "Are you sure you returned it ? " . I felt like doing my Frankie Howerd impersonation , "Titter ye not ", but didn't , you'll be glad to know . Finally exacted her promise to let me know by post . So I can expect a salvo of postcards about NAKED WILLIES from the local library , then . Should raise my profile locally .

And now I'm off to Amsterdam for a couple of days . If I remember to take my camera , I'll take a photo or two , I expect .....


Rattling On said...

I'm disappointed about the macrame, but the Cinders fabric makes up for it. I think it sounds like you had a very good week.

Marcheline said...

What a great post! Isn't it amazing that no matter what cool stuff we do in our lives, we always feel guilty for not fulfilling imaginary deadlines that we create for ourselves? I'm always struggling with that, myself.

I had some fun in video stores back when that movie "Free Willy" came out... ha!

Anonymous said...

Now that is funny!
Have a wonderful trip...looking forward to a picture or two.

Friko said...

And there I was, thinking of you as a very respectable lady. Naked Willies, indeed. And in the library.

Have a nice time in Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities.

Liz said...

Well, if you will borrow Naked Willies what do you expect?!

I noticed that Julie and Julia was out on dvd; was it good?

Tania said...

Siggggh. Only you. Actually you and probably me too. If it's any consolation (though only a little to do with willies at the end) this happened to me today...

I opened my front door to fetch the post and a labrador and a labrador with short legs (so not a labrador) were staring up at me. Startled I shooed them away down the drive. Before I knew it, both dogs had performed a synchronised manoeuvre, sprinted up the drive and INTO my house. Esme, (our dog) and the two year old were more than a little perturbed. I spent the best part of a lifetime keeping Esme under control, two year old on teh sofa and chasing labrador and non-labrador out of the house. Once this was achieved and the door slammed shut, I felt knocked-down-by-car guilt. Closing front door behind me, I chased after scoundrel dogs, shooed them in the backyard and called the Council. In the half hour it took the Council to arrive, labrador and non-labrador pee-ed (finally, the willy reference) on my washing.