Friday, 13 August 2010

Everything From Sharks To Knitting ( Not Mine , Though )

The entire clan has been on the move . Smitonius and Middle Daughter , just back from the Isle of Man , are at a music Festival with their partners and Grandson .
Grandson probably won't be wearing his Sargeant Pepper red jacket , lovingly sewn for him by his mother for last year , any more than he did then , but will probably be wearing his new and much loved raincoat . He even ate breakfast in it while I was staying with them .

Mind you , since it's permanently threatening rain , he might be right .

I'm just back from an extended tour of England , courtesy of eldest daughters , who kindly put me up ( put up with me ? ) and fed me royally .

I think I've been everywhere and seen everything . Hammerhead sharks in Birmingham , spooky grafitti in Brighton

crafty statues in Leicester

and Jamie Oliver's parents' pub in between

( yes , I know there's goat's cheese on that plate . V. nice it was too with spinach . But it's alright . I've repented and won't do it again till the next time I go) .

I've shared a shower with a tiny frog and camped with chickens in Lincolnshire

been to a village fĂȘte in Rutland and bought a scarf in a Buddhist Charity Shop .

I know a lot more about aliens and dinosaurs and have a new friend .... a robot called Gloria . I can transform a Transformer in under 15 minutes and , virtue of mini Lego , have made a speedboat into a rocket and vice-versa ( which persuaded me that a visit to the optician's was overdue )

I've got loads of photos and will bore you with my adventures in the weeks to come .

But now Youngest Daughter is on her way home for a belated birthday dinner . 29 !! Dear Heaven .


Molly said...

What an wxciting summer you're having! And I love those knitting needles---now there's something worth having a monument to!

Rattling On said...

You sound like you'll need a good holiday to get over it! Looking forward to more photos, love the rug hook seating.

rachel said...

I'd like a raincoat like that too.....

Maybe not the camping though.

Exmoorjane said...

Yay, lovely post....great pics.. I used to be able to do the Transformer thing and very proud I was too.
I think we needed raincoats like that one at Alton Towers yesterday!

Friko said...

that raincoat is going to come in very handy indeed.

Travelling the UK in high summer, how do you do it?
I am not sure I could stand the pace, the heat, the excitement.

Even a plate of goat's cheese salad couldn't quite make up for the predictability of it all.

English Rider said...

That graffiti is very compelling. The drippy field with a tent in it, not so much:)

rachel said...

Nothing to do with this post, but I'm popping back to say how confused I get with your dual identity (especially until I twigged that although the order of your names suggest otherwise it could have been described as a daughter-mother blog rather than the other way round - it's not always clear who is who) -and wondered about your recent comment on Friko's blog which stated that you don't Follow or have Followers. Well, you do, you know - it says so on your own blog! Dear S & S, have pity.....

(And consider having an email address too? Please?)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Oh ! Sorry , yes so we do ! All valued and much appreciated .Please excuse my ineptness Dashboard-wise .
I think that what I meant was I'm not a great follower by nature and , while I faithfully read many blogs and would hate to miss their observations , news and views on life , it wouldn't occur to me to think that my nailing my colours to their mast would make a vast difference to their own blogging experience .
Commenting is something else . Though I understand "lurking" , especially somewhere new , it seems natural to think that , once one has read a few entries and felt engaged , that one might say so .
As for which is which when commenting .... I must get better at signing my contributions ,
(email address will be sent to yours forthwith .)

Tania said...

What a blindingly good notion. Shall clad all three children in raincoats for every meal, then hose them down afterwards. Mount Washing may yet shrink.

And pah! to 'putting up with you'. I haven't the slightest doubt you were a veritable pleasure to have around.

Marcheline said...

Great pics! Those sidewalk art thingies reminded me of Scottsdale, Arizona. The sidewalks were sectioned off and designed by various artists, who each have a little bronze plaque embedded to give credit for their part. Makes it hard not to bump into people because you want to walk looking straight down at the sidewalks!

mountainear said...

Sounds like an extensive tour of the country leaving very little undone.

Love that starry raincoat - wonder if they do them in big sizes....

Liz said...

Sounds wonderful. And great skills to develop.

Carolina said...

I'm confused. Are you a miniature person or do you make miniature quilts? ;-)

Hi, so you are from Friesland. I'm your neighbor. I live in Groningen. How cool is that? I love the star-coat with the rainbow wellies. If I was rain I wouldn't dare to fall on his cute outfit.
I enjoyed reading this post. Congratulations on your daughter's birthday.


elizabethm said...

Sounds wonderful and I am seriously envying the raincoat. I might have to find one of my own. I still haven't cracked the transformer challenge so all respect to you for that!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

By local standards I'm teeny at 5 foot five . Frisians are TALL .
But you're right , of course , I should have said I occasionally make miniature quilts .